About me

Alvin Shen
Weibo: @my304
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/alvin-shen/


I have been working in the development realm for more than 13 years, both in China as well as in Australia. In that time, I have established myself as a passionate expert and industry leader. I started as a .NET and SharePoint developer, but through my passion for Scrum and my entrepreneurial spirit, I was able to leverage my skills to become a Product Owner, as well as a business development manager, and also a CEO of a start-up (Mintcode) with 70 people.

My primary areas of expertise cover Scrum and agile development and cloud technologies, especially Microsoft Azure, and the leading Chinese cloud, Alibaba, and I continue to remain abreast of the latest developments in .NET and SharePoint.

Importantly, because of my business experience both in China and in Australia, I understand the differences between the way the East and the West do business and can bridge the two to ensure symbiotic communication and satisfactory outcomes for all sides. I could provide valuable insights into the trends, desires, and realities of the Chinese market, and the challenges faced by companies both in and outside of China who wish to do business together.

Additionally, I initiated road shows for two rounds of fundraising, dealing with over 40 venture capital investors. I managed to get $1 million in the angel round and term sheet (TS) for the angel+ round.

I’m equally comfortable in both Chinese and English and can speak in front of small and large crowds. In addition, I can also speak Japanese in private.


  • CEO and Chief Architect of Mintcode (2010 – 2017)

I founded Mintcode in China in 2010. Using an agile framework, and primarily Microsoft technology, Mintcode developed a number of award-winning projects, including:

– An Instant Messaging System called “Launchr” similar to Microsoft Teams but with more functionalities like a calendar module, an HR module, a property management module, and more.

– A data bus called MSB (Mintcode Service Bus), which helps enterprises pull their current data out from traditionally closed systems (e.g. an accounting system, an HR systems, etc.) and aggregate into Launchr so that Launchr can be the company portal. Clients using Launchr include hospitals, medical clinics, and branches of the Chinese government.

– I led the research and development of open source platforms Tuotuo and Tuotuo2. Tuotuo is a SaaS web product developed using the .NET framework. The software itself is a leading Scrum project management tool. The platforms were released for public use for free on GitHub when development concluded, to contribute to the community. So far Tuotuo and Tuotuo2 have been used by 14 companies and more than 400 users.

While CEO of Mintcode, I was the Product Owner of more than 10 software products, and lead more than 40 software projects as the team leader. As an active player in the agile community, I led the team to independently develop the agile project management tool Tuotuo.

Additionally, I initiated roadshows for two rounds of fundraising, dealing with over 40 venture capital investors. I managed to get RMB 5 million in the angel round. I led the business development (BD) and maintenance of more than 100 clients, with software projects exceeding RMB 30 million.

  • CEO and Chief Architect of SSW China (2017 – present)

I have worked at SSW before and after founding Mintcode. Prior to Mintcode, worked primarily in the SSW Sydney office, first as a software engineer and then as a team leader. In 2017, I returned to SSW, this time to run the Chinese arm of the company. In my role as CEO, I am assisting Chinese companies to expand outside of China, as well as helping international companies establish a presence in China.


  • Mintcode Tech Sharing Meetup:

Between 2011 – 2017, I gave 42 talks at the Mintcode Tech Sharing Meetup. Each session typically attracted up to 70 attendees.

  • Scrum training

I learned Scrum training from fellow RD Richard Hundhausen back in 2009. I have since shared my passion for Scrum by providing free Scrum training for a variety of different companies and groups.

  • Fire User Group, Hangzhou and Beijing

In 2018, I co-founded the Fire user group, of which I am also the president. The user group meets monthly to discuss and share information about Microsoft vs. Chinese cloud technologies, mostly focusing on Microsoft Azure and the Alibaba Cloud. These user groups run twice per month, once in Hangzhou and once in Beijing.

  • Over the years, I have also taken part in many other .NET user groups and other tech events in Australia.


  • Qianjiang Talent Plan – for MSB (Mintcode Service Bus), a middleware to aggregate enterprise data
  • 513 Talent Plan – for open sourced Agile Management Tools, Tuotuo
  • Eagles Talent Plan – for young entrepreneurship in the Software Industry