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Visit Microsoft China

Have a productive conversation at Microsoft China with Sharon and Andrew who charge for the Sales of Azure in China. Also the Microsoft Australia RD Adam. Although Alibaba Cloud is currently dominant in the Chinese market. We all believe Azure is more competitive for Chinese companies seeking to go overseas.

Visit Kyliaence with 2 MS RD

Great talk with Microsoft China RD Luke Han and Microsoft Australia RD Adam Cogan:) Luke and his Kyliaence really make the big contribution to big data community.

Session about Office Automation

Joined a session about Office Automation in Sydney, SSW Headquater. Adam shared his experience of using Control4 in SSW Aussie Offices and Mi ( in China Office for Office Automation. IOT would definitely be the hot spot of 2018.

Good Bye BIGO Japan

It’s a great honor to join BIGO Japan Team in Tokyo for 3 months during my career break. Thank you Lotus, Yoshi San, Asahina San, Fukuda San and Hassaki San! I leraned not only Japanese but also a lot Digital Marketing skills. And most importantly, How to biring Technologies into Entertainment Industry. BIGO LIVE is a ...

Japan Trip with Alibaba guys

Travelled with 2 of my friends in Alibaba and the Bigo Japan CEO Lotus:)