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FireUserGroup March Event

Thank you to everyone who came to SSW China FireUserGroup March event in Hangzhou! Eden showed a great example of using React with .NET Core and I shared some industry examples by using Azure Cognitive Services! Cannot wait to see you guys soon next month! Please check the latest news from Fire User Group Official Website 🙂

Microsoft Cloud Day @ Shanghai

Attend Microsoft Cloud Day in Shanghai. Although it’s really an entry-level event,  I’m very happy (also surprised) there are more and more developers in China are interested in Azure. In addition, it’s good to know Microsoft Cognitive Services and how many years the Microsoft’s scientists have worked on it. Great Job Microsoft to transform such complicated technologies ...

Fire Usergroup resume after Chinese New Year

Guys, As Chinese New Year is coming, we are not going to have Fire Usergroup on Feburday. We will resume the Usergroup on 17th March. We will talk about Azure vs. Alibaba Cloud. Happy Dog Year!

Fire User Group @ Hangzhou, China

I am the president of Fire User Group, Hangzhou. It sponsored by SSW China. Today there are 3 speakers at the event. The topics covered Project Management; Azure vs Alibaba Cloud and Go Overseas

Microsoft Cloud User Group @Hangzhou

Attended Microsoft Cloud User Group in Hangzhou, China. Met with old colleagues Lei Xu (Microsoft China RD) and James Zhou (Microsoft MVP) in Hangzhou. Lei is now the expert of DevOps and James has rich experience in Xamarin. Great Share!

SSW Hangzhou Office open

SSW Hangzhou Office opened! Now in China, we have 2 offices. Beijing and Hangzhou. Our main job is helping Chinese companies to go overseas. SSW’s Consulting Services have delivered best of breed Microsoft solutions for more than 1,000 clients in 15 countries. With 40 consultants in 5 countries, SSW’s developers are some of the best in ...

Attend Xamarin User Group @Microsoft China

Have a great trip to Beijing. Visited Forbidden City in Winter and had an interesting conversation with Jame Zhou who is the Microsoft MVP and the expert of Xamarin:)